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African Coffee

Give a unique African selection a try today.
The Ethiopians are great.
And the Rwandan delivers a full and creamy finish every time.

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Ethiopian Harrar Gourmet Coffee

"Limu Moka" is a blend of the finest unwashed coffees from select Ethiopian farms. This coffee possesses a medium body, earthy, yet slightly fruity flavor, light acidity and wonderful smoothness.
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gourmet Coffee

This exquisite jewel from Ethiopia rates among the world's best. This washed coffee produces a smooth and balanced cup, with excellent aroma. The medium body and delicate acidity is brought together with a creamy, buttery flavor profile with hints of citrus.
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Kenya AA Gourmet Coffee

This highly prized coffee from the fertile, red volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Kenya. It starts with a jolt of sharp acidity and powerful aroma, with fruit notes then enveloping the senses - A classic, grand coffee!
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Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Peaberry Gourmet Coffee

A peaberry is a coffee cherry which contains just one rounded bean instead of two "half" beans. A rare treat when available, it is rich and snappy in the cup, with a wild, earthy full flavor profile and robust aroma.
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Rwandan Gourmet Coffee

Coffee cultivation has created new opportunities for Rwandan widows and orphans by offering them a chance to rebuild their lives and their communities. As a result, their commitment to coffee is at its best in this cup of “Bufcafe”. A full and creamy body offers notes of chocolate mixed with cherries finishing with a sweet lemon aftertaste.

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