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Central American Coffee

Known as one of the hotbeds for many of the coffees that the American public demands, Central American coffees can help you create a loyal following of thrill-seeking customers.The Costa Rican, and Honduran varieties are some of the most popular coffees we provide.

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Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee

One of the finest coffees out of Costa Rica! This coffee begins with a clean, crisp flavor with snappy acidity and closes with a sweet and tantalizing smooth finish.
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Guatemalan SHB Gourmet Coffee

This shade grown coffee comes from the mountains of Aldea Loma Largain Amatitlan, at an altitude of 4,700 feet. This strictly hard bean coffee is a balanced gem, with bright acidity and floral overtones, and a slight, smoky finish. Full body and great flavor!
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Mexican SHG Gourmet Coffee

This coffee is smooth in the cup, with light acidity, nutty flavor, and a clean, crisp aftertaste. Light bodied, good flavor and aroma.
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Honduran SHG

The finest "Strictly High Grown" medium body, soft acidity, citrus flavor.
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El Salvador Gourmet Coffee

Sweet flavors abound in the cup with hints of brown sugar and fruity notes of orange and cherry, balance perfectly with a smooth body and soft finish.

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