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Dark Roasts

With a wide array of flavorful options that are oozing with rich aromas, Coffee Masters has you covered when youíre ready to cross over to the dark side. Treat your customers to our signature dark roasts today!

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3 Bean Espresso Blend Gourmet Coffee

Light bodied. Three regions, roasted between American and Vienna.
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Cafe Crema Espresso Gourmet Coffee

Colombian and Indonesian beans roasted both Vienna and Full City. Medium body.
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Cold Brew Blend Gourmet Coffee

Light and crisp blend of American roast Guatemalan and Central American coffee that maintains its flavor whether served hot or cold.
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Colombian Supremo Dark Gourmet Coffee

Featuring strong aroma and rich, well-balanced flavor, this Goodwill coffee is grown by local farmers high in the mountains of Colombia and named for the "Los Idolos", a well-known archeological site located nearby. We have formed a unique relationship with the villagers of San Agustin that helps ensure both their livelihood and the future of this extraordinary coffee as part of the ACDI/VOCA Colombia Specialty Coffee Project.
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Espresso Bold Gourmet Coffee

A rich, dark and heavy espresso that is full of flavor. This dark roast blend envelops your taste buds with a hearty, slightly smoky flavor sensation.
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Essential Espresso Gourmet Coffee

A lighter roasted espresso that is smooth and satisfying. The lighter roast allows all of the flavor nuances to remain alive and fresh. Extremely smooth and flavorful. Well rounded with good body, flavor, acidity and aroma.
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Euro-Espresso Blend Gourmet Coffee

The finest Central and South American beans produce the smoothest, most aromatic and creamy espresso! Full body, aroma and flavor with good acidity.
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French Roast Blend Gourmet Coffee

Our unique blend of beans roasted to a dark reddish brown color creating a shiny surface on the bean. Full body, flavor and aroma with light acidity.

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