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Private Reserve Limited Edition Coffee Jewels are hand-picked coffee selections geared towards the discerning connoisseur who would enjoy a journey around the world by sipping rare and exquisite flavors from around the globe. Our Green Bean Buyer, striving to bring the ultimate cup to coffee lovers everywhere, carefully chooses the beans used to produce all of our Private Reserve selections. Each rare jewel, purchased from small, family-owned farms, exemplifies the dedication necessary in order to produce the world’s finest beans. To insure the highest standards of quality, these exceptional beans are grown in small lots and are obtainable only in small quantities. Limited access to supply, as well as the coffee’s superior quality explains the premium price tag for our Private Reserve label.  Buying their beans in this manner not only allows Coffee Masters to offer a superior product, it also is beneficial to the farms, families, and communities of those who depend on coffee production as a way of life.

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