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Customer Care

We're Here to Help!

At Coffee Masters we enjoy assisting you with your business in any way we possibly can. Our Customer Satisfaction Team is available for your inquiries Monday thru Friday from 9AM-4:30PM CST. You can reach us toll free at 800-334-6485.

Beyond just placing orders, and checking on shipping statuses, ask to speak with one of our small business experts. We’ll be glad to run through anything from the basics of how to integrate specialty coffee into your business, to what a good first order looks like, to how to attract a different demographic of purchaser to your store. We realize that for some, coffee and tea are just part of your business. For us, it’s all we do, so we’re always willing and eager to share our knowledge.

Also be sure to visit the Learn about Coffee and Tea tab within this website it's a great resource to serve up a better coffee program.

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