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Novus Tea Bags

Like a fine wine, each cup of Novus brings an exquisitely delicate and flavorful tea to the table - creating a delightfully satisfying and lasting impression. No expense was spared in bringing to the public the best of the best. With over 150 years of tea blending experience our blenders have traveled extensively throughout the tea growing regions of the world to create the ideal blends for Novus.

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Citrus Chamomile
Novus Citrus Chamomile Tea

The calming qualities of Chamomile are legendary.  This caffeine-free blend of chamomile flowers with a hint of lemongrass results in a mellow citrus delight.
Novus Darjeeling Tea

Regarded worldwide as the champagne of teas, exceptional character and exquisite bouquet of rare Darjeeling tea will delight the palate.
Dragon Well Green
Novus Dragon Well Green Tea

A favorite the world over, the tender top grade, green tea leaves from the Dragon Well province are renowned for mellow flavor and fragrant aroma.
English Breakfast
Novus English Breakfast Tea

Grown in the mountains of Sri Lanka. Kenilworth is famous for its rich full-bodied flavor. Enjoy this world-class, full-leaf Ceylon tea any time of day.
Jasmine Green
Novus Jasmine Green Tea

This is floral, aromatic Chinese green tea delicately scented with jasmine pearls. This distinctive brew has been enjoyed for centuries and remains a favorite
Lemon Ginger
Novus Lemon Ginger Tea

Historically, many cultures have brewed lemon and ginger to aid in proper digestion. Our bright blend of herbs and spices brings together the zesty flavor of lemon and ginger to make the perfect soothing drink. Delivering a vibrant, unique flavor, our Lemon Ginger is perfectly blended to ensure each sip leads to a refreshing drink with a spicy kick.
Novus Oolong Tea

From the Mountains of Anxi County in the Fujian Provence of China
Pai Mu Tan
Novus Pai Mu Tan Tea

Picked in the early morning mist, white tea is truly one of China's rarest and most famous teas. Tea lovers will appreciate its delicate flavor. 100% full-leaf white tea.
Sapphire Earl Grey
Novus Sapphire Earl Grey Tea

Natural bergamot and blue malva flowers add an innovative twist to traditional Earl Grey black tea.
South Indian Select
Novus South Indian Select Tea

This Fair Trade Certified tea variety produces a bright, brisk brew with a wood-like aroma finish.  By choosing this product you are directly supporting a better life for tea growing communities.
Spiced Chai
Novus Spiced Chai Tea

This centuries-old beverage has played an important role in many of the world's cultures.  Best known from India, Chai is a blend of black tea and exotic spices.  For an authentic Chai experience, add milk and sweetener.
Novus Tea 12 Count Food Service Box Assortment
Novus Tea 12 Count Food Service Box Assortment

Our Price: (Members Only)

Contains one 12 count food service box of these following flavors: Citrus Chamomile, Classic Mint, Dragon Well Green, English Breakfast, Jasmine Green and Sapphire Earl Grey. Packed 6 boxes per case.
Novus Tea 84 Count Loose Tea Bag Assortment
Novus Tea 84 Count Loose Tea Bag Assortment

Our Price: (Members Only)

Contains 6 tea bags each of all 14 Novus Tea bag flavors.
Novus Tea Carousel
Novus Tea Carousel

Our Price: (Members Only)

This Novus Tea Carousel can hold up to 8 display boxes of tea and can be swirled around for easy access. This makes a great way to showcase your Novus Tea!
Novus Tea Chest
Novus Tea Chest

Our Price: (Members Only)

A beautifully crafted wood chest with burled top contains 6 empty slots for you to place tea bags in. This makes a great way to showcase your Novus Tea or a great gift item!
Novus Tea Rack
Novus Tea Rack

Our Price: (Members Only)

The Novus wire tea rack has 2 levels of shelves and can hold up to 8 display boxes. This makes a great way to showcase your Novus Tea for customers and easy to access.
Wild Encounter
Novus Wild Encounter Tea

This caffeine-free herbal blend will send your taste buds reeling.  One sip and you will encounter the sweet and tart sensations of fruit and berries.

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