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Valve Bag and Bulk Bag
Pumpkin Latte Gourmet Flavored Coffee

A modern interpretation of an iconic fall favorite, blending creamy pumpkin with the indulgence of a rich vanilla latte. This exceedingly
smooth twist includes a hint of spice, topped with an authentic frothy milk appeal.
Halloween Spooky Spice
Halloween Spooky Spice Gourmet Flavored Coffee

A hauntingly irresistible combination of cinnamon and hazelnut.
Halloween Vampire Vanilla
Halloween Vampire Vanilla Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Take a bite of this combination of creamy vanilla and fresh roasted hazelnuts.
Valve Bag and Bulk Bag
Jack-O-Latte Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Fresh, ground cinnamon sprinkled over vanilla custard.
Thanksgiving Delightful Pumpkin Pie
Thanksgiving Delightful Pumpkin Pie Gourmet Flavored Coffee

A creamy rich flavor combination of pumpkin and spices.
Thanksgiving Pilgrims Pecan Torte
Thanksgiving Pilgrims Pecan Torte Gourmet Flavored Coffee

A combination of milk chocolate, honeyed pecans and silky smooth bourbon.
Valve Bag and Bulk Bag
Cherry Cobbler Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Sweet luscious cherries with a hint of of spicy cinnamon will bring back great memories
Valve Bag and Bulk Bag
Taffy Apple Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Crisp, juicy red apples dipped in creamy caramel
Valve Bag and Bulk Bag
Golden Southern Pecan Gourmet Flavored Coffee

The nutty flavor of Georgia pecans infused with the essence of rich, creamy vanilla creates a souther flavor combination.
Valve Bag and Bulk Bag
S'Mores Gourmet Flavored Coffee

This tempting blend has all the fun of a freshly made SíMore over a bonfire on those cool summer nights. Rich chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker, yum!

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