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Coffee Using a Chemex

Why use a Chemex?



Designed by a chemist in 1941, the Chemex coffeemaker is an elegant, one-piece, hourglass shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant glass that has stood the test of time. It is so elegant looking in fact, it has made it into the Museum of Modern Art. The shape and scientifically designed filter work together to produce a pure, flavorful cup without bitterness or sediment every time.




What you need

Let’s Get Started

Prep-work - Insert the filter into the top portion with the folds facing the spout. Next, begin by  rinsing your paper filter with hot water to wash away any paper tastes and to pre heat the Chemex. Discard water. Place your measured, ground coffee into the filter.

Pour and Wait – Place the Chemex on the scale and zero it out. Start timer and begin wetting your grounds (We prefer a quick run across followed by circular motions inward toward the center point) after about 75g or so stop and allow the grounds to bloom.

Complete the Pour - After 30 seconds begin again with the circular motion towards the center, slow and steady is the key, you wouldn’t want to disturb the merriment!  Once you get to about 300g or so you should reach the center, continue a slow and steady center pour until you reach 375g.

Watching and Waiting - At this point just sit back and watch the magic happen… I mean you don’t have to, I suppose you could walk away, but then the coffee won’t taste as good!  At around 4-5 minutes the filtration should be complete.

Serve and Enjoy - Once the coffee has finished brewing, carefully remove the hot filter and grounds and discard. Give the Chemex a few swirls and enjoy the fruits of your labor! We say a good coffee to water ratio for a Chemex is about 1:15, but always remember to follow your taste buds!