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French Press

Why use an Espro Press?



While it looks like a traditional French Press the espro press is much more. The two patent-pending filters are 9-12 times finer than a common French Press. They get beneath the grinds and filter twice, leaving all of the flavor and none of the grit. Your first cup will taste the same as your last cup. Two vacuum insulated stainless walls keep your coffee hot, and the outside wall cool.  And with no glass to break, it might be the last press you buy.



What you need

Let’s Get Started

Prep- work – Pour a small amount of water into your press. Leave for a minute or two and discard the water. This improves the temperature stability of the press, keeping your brewing coffee at a steady temperature and ensuring it stays hot as long as possible.


Just Add Water – Pour the ground coffee into the pre-heated press being careful to keep any grounds off the lip of the press. Start your timer and add half of the hot water. Wait 1 minute.


Break The Crust – The coffee will develop a “bloom” or “crust” on top. A quick stir will break the crust and ensure all the grounds are saturated. Add the rest of the water.  


Cover and Wait – Place the lid on but down push it down yet! Allow the coffee to brew until the timer reaches 4 minutes.


Press and Pour - Slowly press to the bottom. Pour your coffee out into your cup. With a traditional press you will want to pour out all the coffee immediately to avoid over-extraction. However, with the double filters of the Espro Press you can enjoy it immediately, or in a while!