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Hot Coffee in a Commercial Brewer

Why use a Commercial Brewer?




Commercial brewers are great for high volume and simplicity. With little training required the risk of inconsistency in the coffee is very low. You can conveniently brew directly into thermal server and then take the server wherever you want. Depending on the brewer you can connect it your water line or just pour water into it.  Keep an eye open because every year brewers are becoming more advance with new technology.





What you need

Let’s Get Started

Prep-work – Always make sure your brewer is well maintained. Lime build up is the number 1 cause of machine repairs. Airpots can we cleaned using Puro Espresso Cleaner. Any residue will affect your cup.

Pour and Leave – Pour your grinds in your filter and put the filter into the brew basket. If your brewer is properly heated up press the brew button and walk away.

Serve - After the brew cycle is complete, dispose of the filter and grinds. Close the airpot lid and it is ready to serve hot for hours.