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Hot Tea Using Infuser

Why use an Infuser?


Infusers allow the high quality, full leaf teas to expand to their potential without constraining them the way tea bags do. Although they seem daunting at first, infusers are worth the extra steps. Most tea bags are actually the dust and fannings from broken tea leaves. Because they are broken, most have lost their oils and aroma and will release more tannins when steeped, resulting in a bitter cup.   


What you need

  • Infuser of your choice
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • 2 g of your favorite loose leaf tea (make sure to measure in weight because tea can vary by volume)
  • 6-8 oz of H2O heated between 170-212 degrees, see chart for exact temp 
Tea Type Amount Temperature Time
Pu-erh 2g 212o 4-5 min
Black 2g 200- 212o 4-5 min
Darjeeling 2g  200- 212o 2-4 min
Oolong 2g  185o - 200o 5-8 min
Green  2g  170- 190o 1-3 min
White 2g  170- 190o 3-6 min
Herbal  2g  212o 5-7 min



Let’s Get Started

Prep-work – If you are using a disposable tea sack, begin by rinsing it to get rid of any paper taste.  Then, pre-heat the cup with warm water.

Measure – Place the measured tea into the desired infuser. Sometimes it takes some finesse to get all the tea into the infuser. Please the infuser into the pre-heated cup.

Pour – Pour the heated water over the tea-filled infuser and start the timer. Time according to tea type.

Serve and Enjoy – Once the timer is completed, take out the infuser and enjoy your tea.

Clean up – An easy thing about the disposable tea sack is there is no clean up. The tea balls and spoons need to cleaned by hand.