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Coffee Roasting Levels

Raw Green Beans: We start with only the highest grade possible of raw coffee beans. To find the best beans, we evaluate the following: bean size, bean color, uniformity of size and color, occurrence of any "defects", and most importantly the flavor of the roasted coffee when brewed.  Learn more here. 

American Roast: Our standard roast - preferred by the vast majority of Americans. This roast maximizes the individual flavor characteristics of each origin by bringing out the best in the bean. It produces a beautiful brown bean pulled from the roaster just before any oils can form on the surface. Learn more here. 

Vienna Roast:  Vienna Roast is characterized by a slightly deeper color than American Roast, with small spots of oil on the bean's surface. This oil, which comes from within the coffee bean, is brought to the surface by the prolonged roasting time. Learn more here.

Full City Roast:  Distinguished by the deep brown color and heavy oil on the bean's surface, Full City Roast further intensifies the unique character of each different coffee. Learn more here.

French Roast:  Roasting just slightly longer brings coffee to the French Roast level. With more oil on the bean and a little darker color than Full City Roast, French Roast brings coffee to the height of it's flavor. Learn more here. 

Espresso Roast:  Espresso Roast flirts on the edge of ruin. Coffee is roasted to its extreme limit, the beans are nearly black with very heavy oils. Learn more here.