Single Serve Coffee Cups - Case of 6 boxes

sku# CUP
Each box contains 10 single serve coffee cups of one flavor.

Each individual box contains 10 single serve coffee cups of one flavor. All single serve cups contain 11 grams of fresh roasted ground coffee and are sealed in a resealable vacuumed sealed bag to maintain freshness. Packed 6 per case of one flavor. The Assortment comes with one box of each of the 6 flavors.

• We use only specialty grade coffee.
• We use 11 grams of fresh roasted coffee.
• Packed into vacuum sealed inner foil bag that is resealable.
• The innovative design allows more points of contact between the water and coffee, creating a more flavorful  brew in every cup
• Uses the UpShot cup ensures the optimal water-to-coffee ratio.
• Mesh filter allows you to see and smell the freshness of the coffee the moment you open the package!
• Throw the whole cup right into the recycle bin. Yes, even the lid is recyclable!


2 week freshness after opening

12 month freshness unopened

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