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Our Roasting Method

We seek out the best green coffee beans from all over the world so we needed a roaster to match. And we found it in the Loring Smart Roaster S35 Kestrel.  With the S35, we get the flexibility of roasting anywhere from 77 lbs large batch roasts to 15 lb custom roasts. The built in touch screen control panel allows our roastmaster  to customize and save every roast profile to ensure your coffee is consistent cup after cup.  Loring designs and builds their roasters in Northern California, utilizing components manufactured here in the United States. The eco-friendly single burner design means that the same heat source is used to roast the coffee and incinerate the smoke and pollutants, eliminating the need for an afterburner. This process helps protect local air quality and uses 80% less energy than a standard roaster.


The green coffee beans start their journey by being dropped into our scaled, rolling green bean cart. At the bottom of the cart, the beans are then passed through a rare-earth magnet that helps separate metallic objects from beans to protect your coffee and equipment. While the beans are being vacuum lifted into the hopper, a built-in cyclone filter collects the dust and debris  from the burlap bags.  The beans are then dropped from the hopper into the roasting chamber. This convection roaster protects the natural flavors by allowing very little oxygen into the roast chamber and letting the clean, natural taste of the beans shine through. Three rotating paddles and agitators help move the beans around in a fixed drum while hot air is evenly dispersed.  Each roast takes about 10-16 minutes to complete. The roastmaster can view the beans through the sightglass and even take out a sample to make sure the beans are to their liking.  Chaff is the final layer of the coffee cherry pulp which remains on the bean until roasted. It is a thin flaky layer of parchment which covers the bean. As the coffee beans swell in size from the water within the beans turning to steam, the chaff comes off the beans and is carried out of the roaster into the chaff can. Once the coffee is finished roasting the door automatically opens and the fresh roasted coffee is  dumped into the cooling tray. The efficient design of the cooling tray has  a powerful downdraft and paddles that evenly mix, cool and empty the beans in under four minutes. From here we bag it up and ship it off.

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