Private Label Coffee

We specialize in private label coffee. We specialize in private label coffee and truly believe it’s the best way to create your own coffee blend to sell in your shop or store.

Working with Private Label Coffee Suppliers

Coffee Masters is proud to be a private label coffee roaster and supplier. Private label coffee suppliers like us allow you to create your own coffee blend, with your brand name on it. It means you have a delicious custom coffee blend to sell exclusively in your coffee shop or store, made by a reputable roastery to ensure quality and consistency.

Start Your Own Coffee Brand with Private Label Coffee

Our private label coffee service is incredibly popular because it allows you to start your own coffee brand using custom coffee blends. When you choose private label coffee, you receive custom coffee blends that are unavailable elsewhere, that customers come especially to you for. If you own a coffee shop, restaurant, café, or store, it can be an excellent selling point that can ensure your business stands out and turn ad-hoc visitors into loyal customers.

Private Label Coffee vs White Label Coffee

Private label coffee suppliers allow you to create your own coffee blends, and your private label coffee beans will be sold in custom packaging, designed for your brand.
White label coffee is not a unique, custom coffee blend. White label coffee involves using the same coffee blend for multiple businesses – only the packaging is different.

Our Custom Private Label Coffee Bags

Our private label coffee bags come in two sizes. Choose your preferred size, and we’ll customize it with your logo or artwork.

  • 8-16 oz. Gusset Bag
    • Coffee Amount: 8 oz, 12 oz, or 16 oz of coffee
    • Bean Type: Whole Bean or Ground
    • Bag Color: Black, Blue, Copper (not in 8 oz), Gold, Green, Red, Silver, or White.
    • Complete with tin tie to be rolled down and closed after each use. Color ties include: Black, Gold, Silver, Red, and White
    • Minimum Order: 4 pieces per coffee type. Full bad art is available with a 5,000 bag minimum.
  • 1.5 oz Perfect Potful Packets
    • Each packet makes one 8-10 cup pot of coffee
    • Bean type: Ground coffee only
    • Bag Color: Gold or silver
    • Minimum Order: 200 piece minimum of any coffee

Steps to Set Up Your Artwork

Ready to order custom label coffee bags? We’re here to make the process easy. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  1. Send Us Your Logo: Email your logo or artwork to We accept PDFs & design files (AI, PSD). All fonts must be converted to outlines. 300 DPI minimum.
  2. Approve the Proof: We will provide you with a proof design within 3 days of receiving your logo/artwork.
  3. Receive Your Order: Your order ships within 10 days from proof approval.

Please call 800-334-6485 for more information.

* By sending us artwork, you confirm that it is not copyrighted and that we have the right to reproduce it. Coffee Masters does not accept responsibility for any legal issues around copyright. We reserve the right to decline an order if we feel the artwork does not meet printing standards. We cannot guarantee a perfect color match in all print jobs.
Coffee is a food product which means traceable information needs to be included on each label. This information can be a website, company name and phone number or company name and city, state & zip code. Please note, coffee types cannot be mixed to meet minimums.

Looking for Other Private Label Opportunities?

We also have the capability to offer private label options for cold brew packets, loose leaf tea, cocoa packets, K-Cups, or gift packs.

Contact Your Private Label Coffee Supplier

Ready to get started with private label coffee? Contact Coffee Masters today to get started. Give us a call on 800-334-6485, or contact us online.

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